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AGENTS FOR CHRIST is a four-person ministry that travels the country in their RV's, going to churches, and equipping for evangelism, leading street witnessing, and delivering a powerful anti-drug youth message (though I would consider it an anti-idolatory message for all, as I heard the message and was deeply impacted.). They came to Calvary Chapel O'Hare in Chicago in July 2010, and the Spirit moved through them powerfully to bless us and those we witnessed to. They also produce their own original tracts in many types and styles

MINISTRY THROUGH MYSTERY is an evangelism ministry out of California. Dennis Zech is a gifted illusionist, and he teaches the use of hand/pocket magic to open the door to sharing the Gospel. He also equips churches in evangelism, and does a very entertaining show which involves both illusion and sharing the Gospel, which was very effective for a block party outreach we held at Calvary Chapel O'Hare in June 2010.

VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS is led by evangelist Phil Delre, out of the Rockford area of Illinois. Phil teaches evangelism seminars, Sunday school classes, and has been a dynamic guest speaker at Calvary Chapel O'Hare. His site includes excellent original tracts and training resources on a wide variety of topics.

WAY OF THE MASTER/LIVING WATERS is led by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. This California-based ministry has one of the most complete array of resources for evangelism, evangelism training, and preaching available, including excellent tracts and training materials in English and Spanish (shipping costs are not cheap, so you can save more by ordering your tracts at once). The link above is to WOTM's video library of real-life street witnessing using their method of "Biblical evangelism". You will see many of the challenges and responses to a wide variety of real-life witnessing situations here. 
 Living Waters ministry also offers a free book which presents Biblical Evangelism, or evangelism using Christ's methods. It's an eye-opening, scripturally-based presentation. One free copy is available to each person who orders. Even shipping is included. Highly recommended.

LEE STROBEL was an investigative journalist (now on staff at Willow Creek Community Church in Barrington, IL) who wrote The Case for Christ, among other titles. His website includes several video "channels" including a channel for Helping others Investigate their Faith. The short videos cover a wide range of topics, such as:
Define Christianity In About a Minute (3:25) - Mark Mittelberg
Efficiency of Door to Door Evangelism (2:33) - Mark Mittelberg, Lee Strobel
Discern the Best Next Step for a Seeker You Know (3:00) - Garry Poole
What questions should we be asking non believers? (2:20) - Erwin McManus
Colloquial and Appropriate Language (3:58) - Mark Mittelberg
The Role of Prayer in Evangelism (2:58) - Mark Mittelberg
Outreach Events Are An Opportunity for Evangelism (2:20) - Mark Mittelberg
Principals for Starting Spiritual Conversations (5:08) - Mark Mittelberg
Evangelizing to People You Know (7:03) - Mark Mittelberg, Lee Strobel
Reaching Unchurched Christians (3:59) - Mark Mittelberg, Lee Strobel
The Importance of Sharing the Gospel with Children (3:50) - David Staal
Where Do I Start Sharing the Gospel with My Kids? (4:46) - David Staal
Your Testimony is Unique and Important (5:05) - Bo Boshers
A Testimonial Tutorial (5:43) - Bo Boshers
...and more.

ANSWERING ISLAM.ORG is one of many good websites which has resources for understanding the Muslim view of Christianity, being equipped to answer objections, and presenting the Gospel. Most of the site's resources are available in multiple languages.

SermonAudio.Com  Excellent resource for audio-and often, transcipts-of sermons on the gospel, evangelism


 These ministries produce their own original tracts in many types and styles:

  • Voice in the Wilderness
  • Living Waters   
THE FELLOWSHIP TRACT LEAGUE   - A ministry of Fellowship Baptist Church (Lebanon, Ohio) Free tracts in over 40 languages; some excellent tracts for witnessing to Catholics, Muslims, Mormons and Jehovah's witnesses. Also ships overseas for the cost of shipping. 

BEZEUGEN MINISTRIES - TRACT CLUB  - Carrolton, Texas-based ministry, that also offers biblical evangelism training, a monthly prayer meeting, and helpful encouragement for street evangelism ministries on its blog .

100 has free, downloadable and printable tracts in 100 languages

GotTracts.Com  - Free, downloadable, printable. Available in 100+ languages  A ministry for Agents for Christ who are missionary evangelists to the USA. Site has a great variety of original tracts in all sizes, very high quality, and low cost. We love their tracts!

The Pocket Testament League Offers low-cost or free (sponsored by other members) pocket-sized Gospels of John in a wide variety of translations/cover styles, large-print, and in Spanish and Chinese. Great for witnessing situations.



Provides Christians around the world with the resources, in their own language, to fullfil the Great Commission and share the Gospel with non-Christians.

Free, downloadable witnessing tools and study materials drawn mostly from Living Waters and similar ministries. (Requires registration or Facebook sign-in).

Go here to find unique and creative evangelism resources not found on

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