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APOLOGETICS RESOURCES (Defending the Faith) - Great website for resources and information on scientific facts to support the Bible's account of creation

The Fixed Point Foundation features excellent resources for defending the Christian faith, including videotaped, full-length debates between some of the most famous atheists and Christian apologists. These are available to view online or to purchase. Debates are generally of a high intellectual calibre, so some previous exposure to topics in apologetics would be helpful, but not necessary, to be equipped by these debates. These would also be excellent for sending to or viewing with skeptics, because the debates are very civil and respectfully conducted. Free, downloadable study guides are also available. Debate topics include:
  • God or No God? 
  • Does Atheism Poison Everything? 
  • The God Delusion Debate 
  • God and the Problem of Suffering  
  • Can There Be Morality Without God? 
  • Has Science Buried God?  
  • Is God Great? 
  • God on Trial  
  • Can Atheism Save Europe?  

Answers for Atheists and Agnostics

Covers a wide range of topics (some links in Spanish) such as: 
  • Bad Christians
  • the Bible and Science
  • the Problem of Evil
Videos on Lee Strobel's Website - Lee Strobel, a former legal journalist, wrote The Case fo Christ, among other titles. There are several video "channels" on his website:
  • Investigating Jesus
  • Investigating God
  • Investigating the Bible
  • Investigating Christianity
  • Helping others Investigate Faith
The channel, Investigating Jesus, for example, includes such topics as: "Is there a Case for the Resurrection of Jesus?" (7:30) 'Did People Really See Jesus After the Resurrection?" (4:57) and "What is the Most Rational Conclusion of a Resurrected Jesus?" by Dr. William Lane Craig, among many others.

TIP: Take notes in a notebook while watching, divided by Topics (ie., "Creation, Morality, etc.) Some of the material is presented in a debate format, and you are more likely to remember, and therefore, make use of this information, if you are taking notes/stopping/replaying the videos until you really understand and internalize the arguments being made.  

Searchable Sites for Specific topics or Scripture passages:



The Defense Never Rests  (Teachers' Guide and Handbook for High School and above, by William Lane Craig)
Downloadable Apologetics Slide Shows in Power Point, HTML, and Flash video (for websites)


I. The Bible

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