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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Calvary Chapel O'Hare Gospel Carolling: Praise Report 2012

         We want to share the experience we had christmas carolling in Franklin Park.The brethren went to Christmas carolling last December 15.It was cold and raining that day, but we prayed to God that the rain will stop so that we can go and carolling.Praise God! He heard our prayers,and the rain stopped that night.It was a blessing to experience Christmas carolling here.We sang from house to house,although not all the people opened their doors.It doesn't matter because were doing it for the Lord as well as to people.We just left some tracts in their doors to reach them with the Gospel.There was a family that allowed us to go inside their house to sing for them.We praise God for that,because the door of opportunity was opened to share the Gospel to them and invite them to Calvary Chapel O'Hare.
          We want to encourage the brethren to join us next year.It was cold but anything you do for the Lord's kingdom will not be in vain.After all we are here to bring glory to His name .The Lord will give you the joy in your heart in serving Him.This is one thing that we can do for our Lord before His birthday.I believe it is a way to show the Christmas spirit to people around us and that we care for them.

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